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February 4, 2013
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You sat in up in bed. Sun streaming from your window as the morning light broke through your silken curtains. The beams brushing up against closed (e/c) eyes that once opened held a similar serenity as your brother Kiku's. Looking around the vaguely familiar room as you sat up, letting the covers fall effortlessly off your slender form; It too you but a moment to realize where you were, in Germany’s house. About a week ago, Kiku has business involving the other axis so the two of you had traveled to Ludwig's home. However, a little over a year ago you joined the axis, despite our countries lack of a military.

Your big brother Japan has always kept a close eye on you. Regardless it aggravated you when he had to leave for months on end to meet with his allies. You were worried sick when you saw no hide or hair from him and more often then not, you had to help run Japan when Kiku got lost with the other Axis. Aside from that, if the Axis were to keep getting lost it would be strategic to keep someone in the mainframe who could take the reins when such instances required. All this worry merely being a part of your kindhearted and almost nurturing nature that you held.

Just over a year ago, before Kiku left you discussed your concerns with him over a cup or two of green tea. Kiku stayed silent as you talked, almost thinking over every word you said. Determining if it would truly be a good idea or not. However, despite his reluctance to let you venture into the strange western world Kiku did agree. After all, you were a country and had every right to. Besides, he figured it would be better for you to experience it while him around to help you if needed, then to have the western cultures invade your home. Much like America often did to himself.

This would now be your third visit to Germany’s house, which just so happened to be the normal meeting place for the axis powers. Your let out a soft sigh as your mind attempted to come out of slumber, thinking back to the surprise on everyone’s face when Japan brought you with him for the first time.

~~~Flash back~~~

Since this would be your first time meeting the Axis, it was important that you make a good impression in order to join them. That morning you had dawned an outfit very similar to your brother’s uniform, only with a more feminine feel to it. Kiku actually had it made a while ago in case this sort of situation ever arose. In fact, if it wasn’t for your (h/c) long hair and (e/c) eyes you could have been twins. During the travel to Germany Kiku had been explaining things to you none stop. However, the current topic at hand was avoiding Italy’s driving. †

“And what do you do if Itary-san offers to drive you somewhere?” †Kiku said with great concern, hoping that you would never have to brave such a terrifying event.

“I politely and kindly decline his offer,” You said as your voice could only hint at how nervous you truly were. On the other hand, the blush on your cheeks seemed to tell the whole story.

“__________, you wirr be fine,” was all Kiku said as he place a hand on your shoulder offering you the comfort you so greatly desired. Most people would think such a small gesture was effortless. However, with Kiku this was grand display of support. A smile started to form on your face as the blush and anxiety started to vanish, like a ghost of the past.

Your (e/c) eyes shifted to the glossy window, gazing at the clouds around you, your minded wandering aimlessly. Thoughts of what this new adventure would unfold into entering your head. You had heard stories from your brother but this would soon be the first time you would see it for yourself. Only when you felt the turbulence of touch down did you snap out of it. ‘I must have been daydreaming for a while’ you thought as you finally entered a foreign land.

~Yeah you were flying, drive drive drive time skip~

While it was only an hour later, it seemed like you spent an eternity driving towards your destination. Questions buzzed in your head like bees. Despite the desire you had to ask Kiku more about the Axis, you had to bite your tongue. Kiku was an exceptionally safe driving, which by default meant he would not talk to those in the care with him. So, needless to say it was a very quite car ride filled with anticipation and excitement.

Finally, after the never-ending ride of silence the two of you pulled up the long driveway to the German’s impressive abode. An expansive wrought iron fence surrounded the estate with ease. †Getting out of the car, you looked up with eyes filled of wonder at the unusual European architecture. It was beautiful at least in your eyes, but it was very different then what you saw back home, when you often lived with your brother Japan. As you marveled at the building and topiary that surrounded the estate a high pitched and excited voice caught your attention. Whirling around only to have a red haired Italian man just inches away from your face, already you could feel your cheeks heat up and turn a brilliant red.

“Ciao bella! I’m Italy, but you can call me Feliciano! What’s your name? How was your trip? I hope it wasn’t boring ve~” He said in a string of exclamations of questions. The bombardment of which had your head spinning as you tried your best to decipher all that was said in a matter of seconds in your rather flustered state.

“Well….I ….I …I am…” You said in a barely audible tone, trying with all your might to get the words you needed out. Your right hand gripped the hem of your white pleaded skirt as if hoping this motion would surge your confidence. Of course, the lack of personal space this Italian gave you did not help in the matter.

“What is it bella? I can’t hear you” Feli said as he moved himself closer, ignoring the obvious fact at how uncomfortable you were with him invading your space. It wasn’t like you were your brother, you didn’t mind people you knew in your personal space. However, this man was unfamiliar, no matter how much your brother talked about him on the way here. Trembling slightly your mouth opened to speak once more but any sound you could have uttered was cut off by a deep and commanding voice that boomed towards the Italian.

“ITALY!” The German shouted from his doorstep causing the Italian to take a step away from you and face the general direction of his commanding officer. “Vhat has gotten into you!” the man continued his arms crossed over his chest and a stern look coming from those icy blue eyes.

“I was talking to bella ve~!” He said with a smile and pointing towards you. Unable to refer to you by your name since you had failed to give it to him as of yet. The blonde haired German seemed only agitated by this comment as he took a few steps towards the two of you. An aura of authority and intimidation seemed to be around him but the Italian seemed to fail to notice. The German stopped in front of Feliciano grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, holding him to the side like an animal that had gotten in trouble. Nothing cruel simply disciplinary in the manner in which he removed the red haired man.

“Sorry about zat, my name is Ludwig and I am Germany. It appears you have already met Italy. I should have kept a better eye on him since I knew you vere coming today.” He said with a much calmer tone, a faint blush on his cheeks as he spoke to you.

A sigh of relief escaped your lips. “Thank you very much Germany-san” You said giving a small bow of respect, acting in the proper manner in which your brother had taught you. “My name is _______ and I am the country of the Oki Islands.”

“Ja, I know Japan informed me already. I will bring your things inside, after you get settled in ve can talk.” Even though you knew you were about to plead you case to this man why you wished to become part of the Axis you someone felt relief. He was willing to help you and get you situated. With this type of welcome in a strange sense it already felt as though you were welcomed into the Axis.

Your brother during this whole scene, had looked worried but stayed away from the Italian for fear his own space would be invaded. Aside from that, he also knew that Germany would not be far behind so he figured you would be safe. Therefore, he merely busied himself with grabbing bags from the trunk and back seat of the car, placing them on the ground so that they could be carried inside.

~Time skip of settling in~

After Ludwig had carried your bags inside, along with Feliciano; he showed you to your room. The room you had been placed in was upstairs and located in a rather isolated corner of the house. Being far enough from the rooms in which the others were situated, it was an attempt to give you a sense of privacy. Mostly because Ludwig figured, you would want some with all the men in the house. In truth, it was also right across the hall from Ludwig’s office.

The room itself was large and plainly decorated. A king sized bed sat in the center of the room fitted with a soft, blue colored bed set. A dark oak nightstand was situated next to the bed with a small plant placed on it. A bonsai tree, which was poorly trimmed but it was obvious this was Germany’s attempt to try to make you feel more at home. Large swinging French doors could be opened to step out onto a balcony with a magnificent view. Just glancing out of them you could see a wonderful lush forest and magnificent mountains in the background. The mountains, it reminded you of the wonderful Mount Fuji you adored from your brother’s home. In the corner of the room, you could see a small writing desk, placed perfectly so that if you glanced to the side you could see out to the majestic view. On the opposing side of the room was a closet big enough to hold nearly all your clothing. A vanity dresser placed near by. The mirror adorned with an intricately designed frame.

There was even a four paneled privacy screen. Done with a design that simply reminded you of home, it looked exactly like a decorated room divider from your brother house. The ornate paintings on it shown cherry blossoms and birds sitting in the tree limbs it was just as if he pulled this from the home you loved so much. It was true, you shared a lot of culture with your brother Kiku but this seemed like so much to make you feel at home.

You soon found yourself walking over to the screen, letting a hand run across the black finished wood; touching the delicate rice paper screening, before letting out a sigh. After seeing how much effort was put into making you comfortable, you could only assume that the talk was more formality then anything else. You then remember something Kiku talk you on your plane ride here “Germany-san may seem very angry and intimidating, but he is actually very caring.” You couldn’t help but nod as if agreeing with the memory before taking a deep breathe and heading downstairs to discuss your case with the others.

As you headed downstairs you found Kiku waiting for you. A smile crossed your face as you were escorted through the house to what seemed like a meeting room. Yes, Germany had a meeting room in his home. Most people would have a formal living room for these things but that would be far too wussyish for Germany. You noticed when you entered that Italy-san was not present. As if realizing what your questioning look was for Germany answered from the head of the table “Italy will not be joining us, I gave him the task of making dinner,” He said as if that would explain everything.

Despite being slightly bewildered by his response you nodded and sat down in a chair close to the blonde haired man. Kiku, following suit sat beside you in an effort to give you some comfort. Even though you were certain at this point you would be accepted it was still unnerving to have to go through this process.

Ludwig looked to you with his cold and stern expression before asking you in a calm voice “So, vhy do you vant to become part of zhe Axis?” He raised a brow as if to only further show his curiosity in the matter.

“Well Germany-san…” You started, your eyes placed intently on the table in front of you while you tried to compose your thoughts. “..I..” it was then that you were interrupted by a patient but authoritative tone.
“Look at me vhen you are speaking Miss Oki.” He said a faint and barely noticeable blush on his face. Little did you know this was due to his lack of experience dealing with women.

“Yes, sir. gomenasai” You said a bit startled your eyes immediately meeting his upon his request. The blush on your cheek mimicking his own as it started to come from hiding. “I know that the Axis as a whole can sometimes get very busy while dealing with military concerns. This leaves your countries in a less then favorable predicament. You could leave your countries to themselves or you could leave them in the hands of another.” You said, and with each point, you stated your voice became more confident. Much like a child standing up for something they believe in, if allowed to speak they become more confident in their ideals.

Your voice continued growing stronger despite the evident blush on your face; never stopping long enough for the German to interject his opinions in the matter. “If all of the Axis are busy who are you to trust your nations to? If I joined the Axis, I would be the stable and unmoving stone. I don’t have a military but I don’t have the knowledge to run a country and to keep things moving in the right direction. I will also aid you in any way I could aside from the military needs. I believe you need this type of anchor to secure the success of you and your nations.” Little did you realize it but your blush had faded and your eyes were now stern and serious.

The speech you had just given filled heart, something Japan rarely did. If it was not previously obvious, it was obvious now that you were different from Japan. You were not strong in the same ways, but you did have some form of strength within you that could make you useful. Germany saw this as the determination that sparkled in your (e/c) eyes and nodded still blushing profusely.

“very vell zen, you shall have your vish. But I vill not accept any laziness. Ve already have Italy for zat. I also vill not go easy on your training just because you’re a frau” He said searching your eyes for any hints of doubt that sprung from his comment.

“I wouldn’t expect you to.” You said with a nod understanding what he meant, knowing that you would be expected to carry your own weight. You had known that since you first spoke to Kiku about your concerns. It would be a challenge but if you could ensure your brother’s safety, it was worth it. After all he did for you, it was the least you could do in return.

~~~End Flash back~~~

Considering you had showered the previous night, you merely walked over towards the closet looking through your belongings. Since you were now much more comfortable with the western culture, you chose something less traditional then a kimono. You did truly enjoy the traditional attire but sometimes it was easier to take care of things without it.

Changing behind the privacy screen that always reminded yourself of home you dawned your attire. This consisted of a conservative and simple button down white shirt with slightly puffed sleeves, black slacks that gave a slight idea of your curves, and pair of heeled sandals that added about two inches to your height. The outfit itself was something that made you look cute but still professional. After all, you were a country and you could not go dressing as Japan all the time.

Glancing at the clock it read 7:03, you realized that training wouldn’t be over for a while. With Ludwig running the shots you knew they would be out for a while, it was just something you were used to. Ludwig while he did request you to come on certain days often gave you easier task or went easier on you. While Italy on the other hand always got the hard parts, probably because of how lazy he was. Germany was just trying to toughen him up.

After brushing your (h/l) (h/c) hair you finally went downstairs, working through the things you had to do today. In actuality there was not much, you had already taken care of Italy’s paper work last night. A job you volunteered to do after realizing how much time Ludwig put into handling Feliciano’s country. It seemed only right that you take some of the stress of the hardworking man. †

Your feet almost seemed to lead you directly to the kitchen. From there you grabbed some cereal and poured yourself a bowl making the simple but filling food. As you ate, taking bites of the crunchy and sweet delight your mind wandered back to the German. This seemed to be happening more and more. You would find yourself thinking back to him, thinking back to his advice or even his recent activities. When he came home last night, how long he was up working. It was strange. You found yourself thinking back to him more often then you thinking about your brother Kiku.

Nevertheless you were kept up last night by the sounds and faint muttering you heard from Ludwig’s office. He was staying up so late, and seemed to be worried about something. You often told him to take it easy or he would get sick but of course Ludwig would shake it off with a simple “I vill be fine.” Last night however you heard him cough for what seemed like hours. You hated the horrid sound, coughing as if he would soon hack up a lung. Still he worked late into the night. It was almost 3 a.m. before you heard him leave his office and head to what you hoped would be bed.

As your mind continued to wander, you finished your breakfast and placed the dish into the sink. You were about to wash the bowl when you heard the front door burst open. Turning to the kitchen doorway you saw Kiku standing there drenched in sweat, panting, with this look in his eyes that screamed emergency.

“What happened Kiku!” You nearly screamed, dashing over to his side with eyes filled with worry and concern. Biting your lip as you urgently awaited your brother response.

“It’s Germany-san…. he corrapsed” Kiku finally managed to get out in-between his labored breaths.
Okay so this is my very first Hetalia fan fiction! Actually its my first fan fiction in a while, and its a muti-chapter! I try my best to keep the length of each chapter long enough to move this along, but short enough you don't spend forever reading it. This was a request (Sick!GermanyXReader) and I feel like I am doing well so far.

Anyways I am very excited about this story and have enjoyed writing it so far. So I hope you enjoy reading it~:w00t!:

Just as some general info yes, your character is Japan's sister. Yes, your character is also the country of the Oki islands. No, I don't know if that is a real country.

I am not very familiar with written accents so bare with me :blushes: Hopefully I didn't do too bad. Hopefully....
If there are any spelling issues or anything please let me know! ....I know your out there spelling and grammar Nazis

:bulletpurple: Part one: Your here!
:bulletpurple: Part two: Click me~!
:bulletpurple: Part three: Click me~!
:bulletpurple: Part four: Click me~!
:bulletpurple: Part five: Click me~!
:bulletpurple: Part six: Fer sure
:bulletpurple: Part seven: Probably

Story (c) ~AlikaKamashi aka me
requested (c) ~wolfiebrewer
Hetalia characters and show (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

If you liked it or have suggestions, please comment! I love hearing from people :blowkiss:

Edit: Wow! I never knew how many people would enjoy this ^.^''' I suppose I shall have to try and update this a bit quicker then I expected but no worries. I am so happy everyone is enjoying the fan fiction (with nearly 20 favorites and almost 200 views in less then a day @.@) Honestly I kinda feel epic now >_> like I am floating on this ego boost from the writing XD
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