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Your brilliant (e/c) hues looked down at the present you had purchased earlier today. It was a rather nice sampling set of loose tealeaves; every type of course came in their own neatly labeled little tin. The tins were packages nicely together in a little wooden chest for both decoration and convenience. It just so happened that Arthur, one of your closest and dearest friends had a birthday coming up in a little over a week’s time.

Certainly, the British gentleman would have loved such a nice present. He was often obsessed with tea, constantly drinking the stuff. However, despite the fact, you picked out the tea’s selection yourself and even though there were over 30 different types of tea stored in the assorted set, the present somehow felt wrong. Maybe it was because the present didn’t take much thought before hand. Then again, this off putting feeling could have easily been caused by the fact you had fallen for your lifelong pal.

You had been trying to find a way to tell Arthur how you felt for months now and sadly nothing came to mind. Or rather, nothing felt quite right. You tried writing hand written letters and poems but each one you threw away. This idea was not perfect enough; this idea was stupid. You simply couldn’t find the right way. On top of that, what if he rejected you? You would loose both the love of your life and your best friend. What would happen then?

Somehow, you knew that his birthday would be the perfect opportunity to let your feelings be know. Sadly, you were stressing yourself out over every minor thing relating to the whole ordeal. Everyone could tell you were under pressure they just were not sure why. Your nerves were worn thin and you were constantly on edge each day. Always second-guessing yourself when it came to any decision. Needless to say, it was not a pretty sight.

So, there you sat on your couch. The gift sat upon your lap as wrapping paper and ribbons stood by ready for the job they would soon accomplish. A sigh escaped your plum lips as you wracked your brain for any better ideas. It was then when it hit you. You remembered how about a year ago, Arthur comforted you while you cried your eyes out.

~~~~~Flashback Time~~~~~

Your boss had just fired you over something you had nothing to do with, a set up by you fellow employees. As Arthur lent you a shoulder to cry on, he attempted to cheer you up by telling you a little story.

“You know love it always gets better, just ask flying mint bunny,” he said in a calm voice as he rubbed your back.

You merely sniffled as you looked up at him, eyes entrapped in his emerald green eyes. “Flying mint bunny?” you questioned a bit caught off guard by the random mention.

“Yes love, flying mint bunny,” the Brit said with a small smile. Grabbing a tissue, he wiped your tear stained cheeks lovingly before he continued speaking. “You see flying mint bunny was the last of his kind…”
“Why?” you interrupted before Arthur could explain any further, tears threatening to start cascading down your cheeks once more as you awaited an explanation.

“Well love, flying mint bunny is a magical creature….and magical beings like him and the fae can’t survive if we don’t try to take care of where they live. Just like regular creatures.” He said in a matter of factly tone of voice. Tears started to fall once more down your cheeks as he quickly realized that his explanation was not very uplifting.

“B-But don’t threat love! Flying mint bunny found a friend, one that said he would help the poor magical rabbit,” Arthur quickly said as if to pacify your tears once more. Wiping you eyes, you nodded looking expectantly at the Brit, waiting for him to continue.

Arthur let out a sigh of relief before continuing,” you see the friend mint bunny found was a wizard of sorts. The wizard could see all magical beings in the world and have made a vow long ago to help protect them because they had every right to live as anyone else….”

“What h-happened did he f-f-find any more flying b-bunnies?” you interpreted once more in a shaky voice.

Arthur bit his lower lip and appeared to be in thought for just a moment as he debated how to answer your question. “Well, the wizard looked and looked for other flying bunnies but to this day he could not find any…,” he said rather hesitantly. One look at your saddened face made him quickly speak up once more.  “However, flying mint bunny was not upset by this. In his search for others of his kind, flying mint bunny found a friend that would never give up on him. So, even if he couldn’t find others he would never ever be alone for he would always have the wizard.”

“But flying mint bunny has to deal with being the only one….and that’s really sad…,” you said childishly as your gaze shifted to your lap in disappointment.

“Yes, but he has a friend who would do anything to help him.” As Arthur spoke, he gently grabbed your hand grabbing your attention. Looking up at him, you noticed a faint dusting of pink had settled on his cheeks. “Listen love, I will always be there for you… matter what. Even if things are terrible I will stand beside you and help you through it like I always have,” he said awkwardly his eyes not really focused on you but rather the wall.

Your lip quivered a bit as you processed the information. “So… are my wizard?” you questioned looking at the British gentleman with puppy dog eyes.

“Yes love and you’re my mint bunny,” he said with a quick smile. Chuckling when you suddenly started hugging him like there was no tomorrow.

~~~~~End Flashback~~~~~

Remembering that day brought warmth to your heart. That was indeed the day you first realized you loved the charming Brit. Despite the fact he could act as if he didn’t care at times, he was always there if you truly needed him. He would drop the tsundere act and instantly come to your aid.

There was plenty of time between now and his birthday so why now make him something special. You would of course give him the tea as well but the present you would be making would have a special meaning. Not even realizing it, you smiled as you removed yourself from the sofa and headed out to the store once again. Only this time you know exactly what you needed to get, supplies.

As soon as you returned home, you set down the bags and got to work. Thankfully, you were fairly skilled at sewing, so creating a pattern was not difficult. Within an hours time you were cutting mint colored fabric, working diligently on the strange little project. Due to the fact you lacked a sewing machine, the stitching had to be done by hand, but that didn’t deter you from the idea. For days, you worked on the present in whatever free time you were given until finally it was finished.

It was late at night and there in your lap sat the small stuff animal. Letting a yawn escape your lips you smiled down at the mint green bunny. The chubby cheeks of the adorable rabbit were puffed out just a tad. It’s long floppy ears reached down so far that looked as if the creature would have stumbled if it ever tried to walk. However, the intricately detailed little wings on the plush’s back indicated it should fly to move about. You had made a flying mint bunny plush and somehow it seemed perfect. A satisfied small plastered itself upon your face as you headed off to bed.

~~Mini-sleepy time skip~~

After removing yourself from sleeps grasp, you stumbled out of bed making a beeline for the bathroom. Like most people, you were not fully awake until after you had your morning shower. Once that was out of the way however, you wandered into your living room and began busying yourself by picking up scrap pieces of fabric. You figured you could clean up the mess and manage to get the presents wrapped before grabbing a quick bite to eat.

Cleaning was the easiest part; the room was once more spotless in a matter of ten minutes time. Now came for the dreaded wrapping. Sadly, you were not noted for your gift-wrapping skills. Nevertheless, you pulled out the wrapping paper, ribbons, and tape from your junk closet. Carefully you pulled out a paper that had a festive birthday print, unrolling a good portion out flat on the floor. Looking behind you, you grabbed the tea gift box and put it in the center of the unrolled paper. It was then that you got up to grab the scissors.

A look of confusion dawned your face as you stared at the arm of the couch. You could have sworn you just placed them there when you were cleaning. Shrugging your shoulders you then began to look in the corners of the couch and on the floor just incase the scissors dropped. However, there was no sign of them.

Your left eye twitched ever so slightly as you continued to hunt for the item. There was nothing under the couch. Nor was there anything in the cushions. Immediately you turned and headed towards the junk closet certain that they would have been shoved in there. Ten minutes later however, you stood in a new mess having removed everything from the junk closet.

Once more, your eye twitched in frustration. You could feel your agitation growing as your face heated up in both embarrassment and anger. “They were just here!” you shouted to no one in particular, raising your arms up in the air with agitation.

Fuming you stomped through the house opening up any cabinet, drawer, or box the stupid scissors could be hiding in. While searching your eyes glanced over towards the clock, it was now 9:47 a.m. You had somehow managed to waist a whole half hour on your manhunt for the scissors.

Realizing you were becoming far too worked up over something so small, you stopped the hunt. Sucking in a deep breath you pinched the bridge of your nose in frustration. “No need to get worked up ___________, just calm down,” you thought aloud. Then another idea worked it’s way into your head, “I know! I will just buy new scissors! Fuck the old ones….since they apparently don’t want to be used anyway.”

With your decision now made, you looked down at your apparel. This morning you had thankfully gotten dressed right after the shower. A fact you were most appreciative of seeing as how you were in no mood to go change. Grabbing your keys and a light jacket, you dashed out the front door and out towards your car.

Within seconds you were inside your beat up little vehicle, pulling the door shut with a hard slam. To be frank it was obvious you were a little frustrated with the fact you had to go out once more, and the fact you had to clean up your home when you finally did get the damned scissors. Pushing the keys into ignition, you started the car with ease. If traffic was light you would be at the store in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, for you there was a wreck on the main road to the store. Groaning you fought the urge to repeatedly beat your head into the steering wheel as you moved at a snails pace towards your destination. As you sat in what might have been a temporary parking lot of cars, your stomach growled. “Yep this was just the perfect day to postpone breakfast….” You said in a sarcastic voice, talking to yourself.

After what seemed like ages of being stuck in traffic, you finally made it to the store. Of course you couldn’t get a good parking space to compensate for the time spent getting there, no the universe was apparently against you today. The parking space you did manage to get was at the far reaches of the lot. Shaking your head, you let out an irritated sigh before removing yourself from the car. Kicking the door shut behind you before starting the great trek to make it to the entrance of the store.

Upon entering the store, you were greeted by the joyous sound of screaming children. The mother of said children even had the nerve to just stand there chatting with another woman rather then calm down her kids. Your eye twitched once more as you glared at the horrible mother. You took a step forward moving towards the woman, but just as you approached, a store employee entered the situation.  The employee asked the mother to leave or to calm her children down because they were disturbing other customers. Thankfully, the woman left.

Pushing a stray strand of hair behind your ear, you had to think for a moment to remember why on earth you were here in the first place. Of course, the idea came quickly as you remember the hell you had to go through in your manhunt for scissors. The hunt now on again only this time in a new location as you walked through the store, (e/c) eyes glancing up at the aisle listings above each aisle. The maze of a store making you walk endlessly until you finally found the aisle you were looking for, school supplies. It just so happened to be right after the aisle filled with gift wrap, cards, and other items for gift giving.

“How ironic…” you said sarcastically as you turned down the aisle filled with a plethora of pens, crayons, and other things for school. Of course, you did not come here to get colorful writing tools. No, what you wanted was a bit further down the aisle. However, when you actually got a glimpse of the scissors you came to a dead halt. Your (e/c) eyes narrowed as you looked over the many different colors and brands of scissors. Each and every one was covered in a hard plastic package. A package you could only open if you had scissors.

“What the hell!!!” you screamed in protest, your foot stamping down as if you were a child throwing a tantrum. Your fists clenched softly as your face started turning a wonderful shade of red. The stupid scissors, it was like they were taunting you. Laughing at the fact, you couldn’t even get to the new scissors you were going to purchase without the aid of your old lost scissors. “Who would even design the packaging like that,” you grumbled under your breath. Somehow, an inanimate object had bested you.

Little did you know that on the adjacent aisle a certain blonde haired ‘hero’ heard your cry of distress and wandered over to see what was wrong. “Hey dude, what’s wrong?” he said startling you as he began to laugh.

“I need scissors…..but….” you said as your voice trailed off. (e/c) Eyes glancing over to the plastically contain monsters that you now blamed for your frustration.

“Just cut ‘em open with a knife dude, it’ll work trust me!” Alfred said giving you a big cheesy grin of approval and a thumbs up. Instantly, you face palmed yourself for not thinking of the idea sooner. Sure, it would be a bit dangerous but you were more then capable of using a knife.

Sighing at your own flustered stupidity you grabbed a pair of (f/c) scissors from the shelf. Your eyes then wandered to gaze over the contents of Alfred’s cart. It had a myriad of party items including streamers, banners, candles, soda, and chips. Glancing up at Alfred you gave him a questioning look before opening your mouth to speak. “What is all this for?” you asked already knowing the answer.

“It’s for Arthur’s totally awesome party I’m gonna throw for him!  Wanna help me with it ______?” he suddenly asked, catching you off guard once more.

You stood there for a second stumbling over what to say, nothing more then a few ‘ums’ or ‘hmms’ managing to escape your lips. “Well…..umm…..I don’t know…I have been really stressed lately, but I guess I could help if it’s for Arthur,” you said finally.

“Great! Every year Arthur wants a boring party in a boring place. Then I try to throw him an epic one but he always catches me, that’s where you come in _____.” Alfred said excitedly as you merely raised a brow in confusion. “So, I’ll be over at around 4 to help you set up for the party!” He said just before pushing the cart down the aisle.

You stood there for a split second dumfounded ‘have I really just been opted to host a party?’ you thought. Shaking your head you ran after the blonde. “Wait!!!” you called, only to see him running to other parts of the store with a look of excitement.  

Alfred waved back at you before shouting back towards you, “You worry about the cake! The hero has everything else!” With that said, he turned down another aisle and headed out of sight.  Leaving you with a brand new dilemma on your hands, baking a cake for a party that you had no idea about until literally two seconds ago. Now if this had been anyone else who was pushing this ordeal on you, you could have talked them out of it or beat them till they came to their sense. However, this was Alfred and once he got an idea in his head….he just went with it. Having no time to waist you scurried towards the check out.

~~~Time skip to brought to you by ‘the Hero’~~~

As soon as you got home, you headed straight for the kitchen. Cleaning your house could wait until you have managed to get a cake in the oven. Seeing as how Alfred was handling invitations or you assumed he would be, you would also need a rather large cake. Pushing your jacket sleeves up your arm you began to set to work, cussing and grumbling under your breath at the fact you were pushed into this mess.

If it had been anyone else, you would have just bought a damned cake at the store. Hell that didn’t seem like a bad idea to do even for Arthur. However, you couldn’t just give him some store bought crappy cake when you went through all the trouble of making him a plush. It would just seem like you hadn’t thought about the occasion at all. Or at least that was your logic on the whole matter. However, you were determined to make sure Alfred would pay once he finished helping you decorate the house.

Regardless you pulled out some basic ingredients: flours, eggs, baking power, sugar, and of course milk. Your hand stretched out to grab a very large self-made recipe book from the counter. It was really just a large binder that you kept organized with all the recipes that you enjoyed or that came out nicely. Flipping through the binder you grabbed the tap that said ‘dessert’ and swiftly moved to that section. Your eyes wandered across each page in the section searching for a particular recipe.

There were plenty of recipes for small cakes and cookies especially those often served with tea; but there were not many birthday cake recipes in your book.  Thankfully, your mind had not betrayed you just yet and you managed to spot the one and only birthday cake like recipe you kept. “Thank god….” you muttered as you breathed a sigh of relief before measuring out the dry ingredients.

Things were going swimmingly as you worked until your nose started to itch. You were leveling off the last cup of flour and for some reason you just felt the urge to sneeze. Trying your best to hold in the sneeze you looked away from the flour putting the measuring cup down in the process. The feeling vanished just as quickly as it came so you resumed what you were doing. After leveling the last cup of flour you were just about to gently pour it into your mixing bowl when all of a sudden you sneeze with an audible ‘achoo’.

Reflexively you sneezed into the crook of your arm. Unfortunately, this meant that you dumped the last cup of flour into the bowl from enough of a height that some of the flour leapt out of the bowl and into the air. A dusting of the white substance settled on you hands and shirt as well as a small portion of the counter. Upon realizing this, you pinched the bridge of your nose as if it would help to calm you down as you let out yet another sigh of frustration.

~~~~~BURNT SCONES time skip~~~~~

Somehow, by some miracle, you had managed to get the cake in the oven before 11 o’clock. Your kitchen was a mess and so were you, due to the flour incident earlier. Glancing back to the oven you double-checked the timer to make sure it would start beeping when the cake was ready to be removed. It was now time to start on the task of cleaning. First, you grabbed a washcloth and began cleaning your kitchen counters, removing any trace of the evil flour from your sights. Seeing as how that took only a few minutes you then got on your hands and knees then began wiping up the mess from the floor as well.

The kitchen was only the start of the cleaning spree you had to accomplish. As you worked, you cussed and grumbled to yourself still quite agitated by the fact all this was happening with so little planning and so little time. After you managed to hoist the boxes of Christmas stuff back into your junk closet, you whipped the sweat from your brow. It may not have been very tough work but with you heart pumping a mile a minute, as you panicked about the party that you happened to be agitated about throwing you happened to work up a sweat much to your dismay.

“Great now I have to take a shower….” you said with defeat as you continued putting things carefully back into the closet of junk. It was then that you heard the timer go off in the kitchen. In a flash, you dashed over to the oven opening it up to reveal that the cake indeed looked done. Using one swift motion, you grabbed a toothpick poking it into the middle of the cake and pulling it out again. The toothpick was clean. “At least that went well…,” you said with relief as you turned off the oven. Once you grabbed your oven mitts, you pulled the cake out before placing it on the counter to cool off.

Seeing as how you were already in the kitchen, you grabbed a stand mixer, which you purposefully had not used yet. In the mixing bowl, you placed a stick and a half of butter before turning the mixer on low to soften the butter. Now that the icing was starting you went back to cleaning seeing as how you were nearly done when the timer rung. After putting away a few final items your house looked fairly neat once more and you returned to the mixer.

With the butter now softened, you added a bit of vanilla, letting that mix in with the butter before adding the main ingredient. Sugar, specifically powdered sugar or confectioner’s sugar.  The next part you had to do by eye, adding in a half cup of powdered sugar at a time until it was at the right consistency. In the end you used up the last of your powered sugar and the icing was still a bit loose, much to your dismay. However, it was good enough that you could work with the icing you made once the cake cooled down.

’The cake’ you thought as your (e/c) eyes wandered back towards the cake which was still cooling on the counter. If you let it sit in the pan and cool properly the cake would never be cool enough to ice. Nevertheless, you had an idea. Grabbing a cooling rack which you normally reserved for cookies you placed it on top of the cake still nestled in it’s warm pan. Using the oven mitts once more you grabbed the edges of the cake pan and the cooling rack with a firm grip to be sure the two stayed together before flipping the whole thing over on the counter. The cake pan now sat upside down on the cooling rack and thankfully, they remained together. Jostling the cake pan ever so slightly you lifted up an edge to see if the cake was willing to be released. Sadly, it was not. If you tried to remove the cake against it’s will it would only end up crumbling and breaking. So considering your options you decided to go vacuum the home and let gravity do it’s job.

~~mini time skip because chores suck~~

After giving the main areas of the house a good hoovering, you returned to the cake. As you lifted up the edges of the pan, the cake seemed to no longer be sticking and thus you removed the dreaded cake pan before placing it in the sink. Looking down at the delicious cake your stomach grumbled once more in protest. You had been so panicked about getting everything in check that you had forgotten to eat when you came home.

As bad as it was this often occurred when you were over worked or stressed. There was just so much to do when you are stressed that you just skipped a meal or two to make sure you kept up with what you needed to finish. Opening the fridge you examined it’s contents with a scrutinizing gaze. With so much happening today, nothing really seemed appetizing. On top of that if you were stressed it was very common that most anything you ate would make you sick.  However, you eventually decided on some yogurt. At least that wouldn’t make you sick after eating it, hell it would probably make you feel a bit better.

Grabbing a spoon you headed towards the living room with your food before plopping yourself down on the couch. Your hand reached out for the remote before flicking the TV on to BBC. Instantly ‘Doctor Who’ filled your screen as you peeled back the top of your yogurt. Your watched the episode quietly as if this was your one break in a very hectic and chaotic day while eating. Soon enough you finished your yogurt, getting up on a commercial break to grab another from the fridge.

As the show ended however, you had consumed two yogurts, a banana, and a bagel in the time it took to watch the second half of ‘Doctor Who’.  Your stomach now felt a little more then full thanks to all the food. Inwardly you were glad it was all relatively bland items you chose to eat; you didn’t feel like having stress induced indigestion later. Turning the television off you cleaned up your small mess before getting ready to do what you had intended to do this morning. Wrap your presents.

Grabbing the scissors that you had bought earlier, you went once more into the kitchen. Pulling out a knife you held the package steadily as you cut through the plastic. It wasn’t as easy as it would have been opening the package with scissors but nevertheless you could get it opened. With one side of the packaging cut off you then proceeded to saw through the top of the plastic. Once that was finally over and done with, you had two of the four sides taken off. Luckily, you had not cut yourself while sawing through the plastic.
With a steady hand, you pried the two sides of plastic from each other. A few small ripping sounds could be heard as you started to break the plastic seal on the remaining two sides. With all your strength, you gave a sudden hard tug pulling the packaging open in one large rip. However with the sudden movement your grip on the sides slipped. The hard plastic had managed to cut a nice gash on your left hand as the scissors and the now opened plastic clattered to the floor.

“FUCK!” you screamed running over to the sink to run some water over the now bleeding wound. You knew it was nothing to be truly worried about but it sure as hell stung. Biting the inside of your cheek, you reached into the cabinet above the sink to grab the rubbing alcohol. After awkwardly unscrewing the bottle, you removed your bleeding hand from the running water, pouring the rubbing alcohol over the wound instead. Instantly your eyes shot open and you stamped your foot in protest to the searing pain.

After a few seconds, the pain began to subside and so did the bleeding. It was no longer bleeding like there was no tomorrow. After drying your hand with a paper towel, you examined the cut. It was one nice long gash across your thumb. Grabbing the bandages you carefully put a rather large bandage on, adding another just in case as your digit continued to slowly bleed. “This is just great,” you said as you picked up the scissors you were so desperately trying to get to just moments ago.

Despite the pain that still lingered in your digit, you wandered back towards the living room. Sitting down on the floor, you once more pulled out a wrapping paper that had a festive birthday print, unrolling a good portion out flat on the ground. The tea assortment box being placed smack dab in the middle of the paper. Using the scissors, you glided them across the paper, cutting it in one clean stroke. While folding the paper carefully about the gift you held your thumb in a strange position just in case it bled more then the bandage could handle.

After a few minutes time your gifts were wrapped up nicely. The tea set had a beautiful green ribbon crisscrossing about the gift, while the plush had the same type of vibrantly colored ribbon wrapped around it’s neck as if it had a tiny bow tie. Feeling a bit relieved that you had managed to get most everything done you glanced over at the time. It was now a little past 1 o’clock. Everything felt like it could fall into place if you let it from this point and thus you breathed a sigh of relief.

After putting away your present wrapping supplies, you picked up your presents carefully carrying them back to your room. ‘I’ll bring them out once we have a gift table’ you thought as you placed the items on your bed. Turning on your heel, you headed to your closet to grab some clothes. Pulling out the usual jeans and a rather snarky but adorable (f/c) top you then headed towards the bathroom, hoping to enjoy a nice hot shower.

~~Shower time skip~~

With a twist of the wrist, you turned the knob for the water, shutting it off before stepping out of the shower. Wrapping a large towel around yourself, you then leaned forward grabbing a smaller towel and partially drying your hair with it. Standing up straight once more your hair towel carelessly fell to the ground as you examined yourself in the mirror. Your beautiful (h/l) (h/c) locks were tousled about in a big mess thanks to your towel drying. A sigh escaped your lips as you grabbed a extra wide toothed comb specifically for wet hair, combing out the tangles that had managed to form within your locks.

Once that was said and done, you grabbed your trusty hairdryer. Running your fingers through your hair as the hot air blew about. It didn’t take long for your once messy locks of (h/c) hair to become for dry, at least for the most part. Eyeing yourself in the mirror, you still had no idea what you were going to do with your hair. ’maybe just the usual’ you thought as you grabbed your fresh set of clothes and quickly changing into them.

Opening your bathroom door, you wondered out and towards the living room for what seemed like the hundredth time today. A shiver went down your spine, despite the fact that you had been out of the hot shower for minutes now the air outside your bathroom was much colder in comparison to what you had previously been standing it. No longer, was the air around you humid and warm. You laid down on the couch, turning the television on as you curled up, getting used to the difference.  

As your TV came to life commercials and ads about this and that appeared. You watched them with a blank and bored expression. The long hot shower had made your muscles tired and relaxed. Even your thoughts were a bit calmer now that you were in check for the party and had taken a shower. Yawning you stretched yourself out against the will of your protesting limbs, sprawling yourself all over the couch as you waited for whatever show to come on air and stop the commercials.

Without even thinking about it you closed your eyes, intending to open them once the commercials were done and over with. Of course, as the show came back on the television you had already fallen asleep, gently snoring as you napped on the couch. Between staying up late to finish Arthur’s present and the stressful day you had thus far you were a bit tired to say the least.

~~~~~Nap time skip~~~~~

Unwilling to wake up you rolled over in your sleep. Someone was talking to you, calling you name. When they had finally stopped, you guessed that you had won and they must have left you alone. Not once did the thought of someone else being in your house alert you to anything while you attempted to remain asleep. Unfortunately, when you felt your nap area being moved your eyes shot wide open. Sitting up abruptly you held in a scream as you watched the walls around you move and shift. Looking towards one end of the couch you could see Alfred smiling his goofy smile and obviously being the main reason your couch was now moving.

“Sup sleep head,” He said nonchalantly as he continued pulling the couch wherever he was headed.

“Why the hell are you moving my couch!” you yelled, glaring daggers at your very rude friend. What type of person would barge into someone else’s home and start rearranging their furniture, well Alfred would. Just then, you felt the couch drop and you were somehow in your garage. After looking around your glare once more focused on the blonde that stood before you.

“What? I had to move the couch so we had plenty of room for the party. I tried to wake you, but hey at least I moved everything else first,” he said laughing before giving a big thumbs up. It was then that you noticed most of your living room furniture was now in your garage. Everything had been packed into the room and your car that had once been stationed in the middle was now gone. Rubbing your temple, you could only assume it was outside. “So where’s the cake __________? A lot of people are already here for Arthur’s party and he’s going to be here any minute.”

“The cake!” you shouted as you leapt from the couch and dashed back inside. You dodged around many different countries not even noticing the random décor that Alfred had put up in preparation as you made your way to the kitchen Once you got there you found a certain German frosting the cake with ease while the albino whined behind them.

“Come on Vest, I just vant a little taste….” Gilbert whined as his fingers reached out to poke the icing that was freshly put in place.

“Nein, _____ vill be very mad if you ruin the cake she vorked so hard to bake,” Ludwig said as he smacked his brother’s hand away from the treat. As Ludwig and Gilbert argued you couldn’t help but feel slightly annoyed. While you appreciated the help, you wanted to be the one to finish the cake, on top of that now Gilbert was talking about pulling an ‘awesome’ prank on Arthur when he got here. One that would leave the Brit embarrassed for months.

You had had enough; you didn’t want to hear any detail of the Prussians awesome plan, that was your snapping point. You had dealt with all types of stupid today just because you wanted to do something nice for Arthur. No one, was going to ruin that. Clenching your fists you cleared your throat.

“Gilbert…..” you said in a cold tone grabbing his attention. The Prussian then wandered over to you not realizing you had heard his ‘awesome’ plans before Ludwig had managed to scold him about it.

“Vhat is it frau? Are you vanting to join me in mein awesomeness?” he questioned with his usually cocky attitude. Ludwig sighed, recognizing how truly aggravated you were he wandered off leaving the cake nearly finished all except for the lettering.

“Nein….” you said as your eyes remained glued to the floor for but a moment longer. Looking up at the Prussian just as he was about to argue or butt in about his awesomeness, you gave him the most sinister face you could personally muster. Everyone has a face like that, some people even called it a ‘rape face’; but yours was also complimented by a dark aura that hovered about you as you glared at the albino.

“If you so much as even think about ruining this party……if you so much as lay a hand on anyone in the party with your little pranks…..if you start trying to get Arthur drunk…..if you so much as look at me the wrong way Gilbert, I will make sure that you hate every second of your life from now until next year. Do I make myself clear?” you said ending your harsh and unforgiving speech with a small smile that plastered itself upon your face.

Gilbert merely nodded before scurrying away like a coward to go complain and cry to his friends. Moving over towards the cake you picked up the tube of icing and began piping out in beautiful script ‘Happy Birthday Arthur’ as your thoughts ran a mile a minute. You were just woken up with little time to spare before Arthur’s arrival and you had to think of how you were going to work this all out. How were you going to give him the gift you made special. You hadn’t really thought much about it today. Due to all the rush and panic brought on by Alfred you didn’t consider what to do. Originally, you had planned on inviting him over so the two of you could have a quite night in like he enjoyed and you would give him the present then. However thanks to Alfred’s wonderful planning skills that plan was now slashed in half.

After you piped out the icing onto the cake you leaned against the counter placing your head in your hands as your emotions began going haywire. You were so scared to tell him how you felt, and yet now you are glad your friends are here when you are going to do it. You were sad that your original plans were now ruined and pissed that Alfred couldn’t warn you about this sooner. Deep down you knew it would all be better once this was done and over with but still it was a lot to handle. Especially since people like Prussia wanted to make sure your entire confession was ruined.

As you stood there trying to keep yourself composed a certain red headed Italian hugged you gently. “It will be okay bella, don’t stress yourself anymore,” He said trying his best to make you feel better in his own way.

Sighing, you turned to your Italian friend and returned the gesture hugging him as you felt your heart quiver in both fear and excitement as the clock ticked to the time when you would tell the man you loved how you felt. “You have no idea what’s wrong feli…”

“Yes I do, you like Arthur and the only-a reason you agreed to have the party here was because it was for a-him,” Feli explained as if this was all common knowledge. You on the other hand looked at him completely shocked that he did somehow have a grasp on the situation. Nevertheless you confusion was apparent enough that Feliciano felt the need to explain. “It is obvious you love Arthur bella. As the for the party your-a like Ludwig and you don’t like sudden things like-a this. You looked stressed so you had to have-a been pushed into it and you only a-did it because it was for Arthur because you love him.”  

that’s it I’m still dreaming…..Feliciano somehow is making sense and can be observant…..I’m dreaming… you thought to yourself as you stared jaw dropped at your Italian friend. “Feli sometimes you amaze me but I’m going to grab my presents before it’s too late,” you said quickly as you removed yourself from the Italians grasp.

Walking through the main areas of the house you somehow managed to squeeze past the many people that now crowded into your home. Breathing a sigh of relief as you reached your room you grabbed the presents from you bed before turning on you heel and heading back in the direction you came. As you wandered into the room of crowded people your gifts were taken from your hands by Feliciano, “I can put them on the table bella.” Feliciano was just trying to help but his timing couldn’t have been better for what Alfred had planned.

“Dude’s he’s here!” Alfred called out waving his arms around like an ecstatic child. “Everyone in position!” Once Alfred sounded the command peopled moved all about the room. Some of them even shoved you out the way. In fact, as you tried to voice your confusion it seemed as if everyone was pushing you towards the front of the crowd. Deep down inside you started to panic almost wishing to go back and fade into the rest of the faces that gathered here.

It was then that you heard Arthur knock on your door, you knew that just outside he stood there waiting patiently for you to let him inside. Instantly you froze almost uncertain what to do. Looking back at all your friends, they smiled at you each one giving their own form of encouragement. A faint dusting of pink began to spread across your cheeks as your hand outstretched towards the door.

A sigh escaped your lips as you wished you could slow down time just to devise a plan but time was up and sometime during the party and chaos, you had to tell him. Instinctively you wanted to tell him before the rest of your friends started the madness inside. As you opened the door, you moved forwards as if you were going to step out to speak with Arthur. Just as you managed to get the door, open enough for you to slip out someone pushed the small of your back causing you to stumble into Arthur’s chest.

“Sorry Arthur!” you said embarrassed as the door slammed shut behind you causing you to jump. Truthfully, you looked like you were a nervous wreck at the very moment as you fidgeted awkwardly with the hem of your shirt.

“Are you alright love?” Arthur asked with concern, a hand pressed gently on your shoulder as if it could comfort you. Standing there waiting if you needed a hug.

“Yes,” you said quickly looking back towards the door as you tried desperately to think of how you were going to get the words out.

“You know I can tell when your lying,” Arthur said with a sigh as his emerald eyes glanced over towards the window where he thought he saw a glimpse of something. Alas, nothing was there so his eyes once more trailed over you as you began to speak up.

“Well I just its been a really stressful day….and ugh!” your said as eyes never once left the ground in front of you. Arthur merely raised a brow in confusion at your sudden frustration. He was about to ask what happened when you started to vent.

“I just…I lost my scissors today and then I got stuck in traffic. Of course, when I finally get to the store the scissors are in stupid plastic from hell….then Alfred shows up and shoves all this responsibility on me. I had to go on a giant cleaning spree and I ended up forgetting breakfast, somehow I managed to cut my thumb on stupid plastic and now I just don’t know what to say or do!” When you first began the speech, you were still acting awkward and shy but as you continued with it, you ended up emphasizing each word or problem you encountered today.

However, in the end you stood there hugging Arthur burying your face shamelessly into his chest as tiny tears of frustration began to well up in your eyes. Arthur stood there a bit confused for a second as he took in everything, though soon enough his arms wrapped about you as he gingerly rubbed your back. “You know love I am always here to help,” Arthur said with a smile as he looked down at you.

Sniffling, you looked up at him, your eyes gazing into his own lush emerald green ones. “That’s the problem it is you,” you said, earning a very confused look from the British gentleman that stood before you. Thinking for a quick second, you remember the story that had been the center of your handmade present.

“Sometimes a mint bunny doesn’t need a wizard friend, what they need is for the wizard to turn into another mint bunny,” you explained as your face heated up from embarrassment. Sadly, you had only made matters worse as Arthur not looked totally lost, well not totally but he didn’t quite understand what on earth you were getting at. On the other hand, maybe he just wanted to be certain about what you were saying.

Taking in a deep breath, you decided you would try one more time. “I love you Arthur Kirkland!” you blurted out with you face a nice tomato colored crimson before you stood up on your tip toes and gave the man you loved a quick kiss on the lips. Just as quickly as you kissed the man did you stop, stepping away from him as if to see his reaction.

Arthur stood there shocked for a moment as a hand was brought to his lips almost making sure what he just felt was real. Emerald green eyes looked over to you before his arms outstretched towards you, pulling you into his grasp as he held you in a loving embrace. “I love you too ___________. I have for years, that’s why I always wanted there for you.” He said looking down at you with a smile before recapturing lips that he had wished to claim for ages, in return you wrapped your arms around his neck refusing to let him escape. Maybe I shouldn’t stress so much…. you thought as you realized that everything ended the way you wanted.

Extended ending

As the two of you parted, you gingerly motioned towards the door. Arthur had already caught a glimpse of Alfred in the window and was fully aware of the fact the two of you were being watched. As his tsundere side kicked in he quietly moved towards the door before hitting the door with a loud audible smack. The two of you chuckled as you heard groans from behind the door.

“That should teach them to spy on us..” Arthur said triumphantly as he chuckled to himself about the matter.

“You know it won’t,” you said giggling at the adorable antics of your new boyfriend. After the giggle fit subsided, you grabbed the doorknob looking back at the Brit you knew and loved. “How about we go inside and enjoy the party.”

Arthur sighed before giving a quick nod despite the fact he truly did not want a large birthday party. “When it get’s too hectic we can slip out. I might even be convinced to bring some clothes and head to your house for a Doctor Who marathon,” you said cheerily, grinning from ear to ear as your new boyfriend gave a nod of agreement before the two of you slipped inside.

Doctor Who marathons were something you and Arthur would do on occasion, geek out and enjoy the Doctor. This time however instead of sleeping in the guest room you had every intention of snuggling up to your handsome British boyfriend. No matter how much he protested, you were getting cuddles after the long day you had today.
Note: Yep, somehow I made this one really long. It is nearly 9,000 words actually so be prepared to read. Hey, at least I added breaks with timeskips and spacing right?
Warning:This fanfiction does have some cursing in it but it is nothing that bad I think. If anyone feels it needs a mature tag please let me know and I will put it up, thank you!

This story has been entered into the stress contest at :iconcrazed-hetalians:

In the contest they asked how you deal with stress, well I forget to eat....freak out....cuss a good bit...and generally I am crazy >_> so yeah >_> reader is not quite as crazy as me. Good thing I don't let myself get stressed very easily.

Because this is so epic it was also entered into :iconkdsnewyork:'s contest

Also if you are wondering about the tape thing >_> that part was actually made so I could edit it later and turn it into my situational irony short story for english.

Unfortunately, I somehow feel this story is not as good as my others T.T but it's okay maybe I am just crazy

Story (c) ~AlikaKamashi aka me
Preview picture (c) IDK I FOUNDS IT ON SAFEBOORU
Hetalia characters and show (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

If there are any spelling issues or anything please let me know! ....I know your out there spelling and grammar Nazis
If you liked it watch me and please comment I love hearing from people :blowkiss:
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